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Budweiser and Coleman aim millennia with "natural" meats infused with beer

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Budweiser likes to sell as an American lager. For many, it's indeed the patriotic beer of choice, despite its belgian-brazilian property. Now, thanks to a new partnership with an "all natural" meat supplier, the King of Beers can be served on plates and in long-necked bottles during festive meals.

The AB InBev-owned brand is associated with Coleman Natural Foods to supply a variety of Budweiser-infused pork products, including Saint-Louis ribs, pulled pork and a range of spicy sausages. New products are expected to be available in grocery stores across the country by early summer just in time for the grilling season.

Both brands seek to attract a new, younger audience. "The partnership will help educate millennial consumers to stop and shop in the processed meat business," said Coleman Natural Meats CEO Bart Vittori in a news release. press.

Budweiser recently insisted that his brewing ingredients be more transparent. While commercials for its Bud Light without corn syrup should be considered anything but transparent, we can definitely endorse the pork used in these products.

Each of the "Budweiser Meats" is made from "100% natural" pork, without a box, grown in a vegetarian diet without any animal by-product. Meats also do not contain antibiotics or added hormones.

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