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Crafting Across America: 50 States, 50 Beers, Proudly Local Wines and Spirits

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In the absence of a legal definition of "craft", it is easy to dismiss it as a marketing term. But the maker culture transcends jargon. Throughout the United States, local, independent producers create products that showcase heritage cultures and traditions of the region. Now, anyone thirsting for small quantities of regional-flavored drinks can find them in communities and cities in America.

Here are 50 truly local drinks prepared in the 50 states. If you are planning a trip around the country, be sure to leave room in your trunk for these memories.

Alabama: Dettling right lot small bourbon

Launched in 2017, Alabama's first bourbon uses the state's abundant corn to produce small quantities of this alcohol that tastes like freshly baked bread with hints of rye and oats.

Price : US $ 37.99 for a 750 ml bottle of bourbon in small quantities.

Purchase : Dettling Bourbon is currently available for sale in Alabama at Alabama ABC Liquor stores and in some states at retail outlets, including Bambooze Fine Wine and Liquor in Florida.

Alaska: Green Mermaid Absinthe from Port Chilkoot Distillery

This modern absinthe is based on a recipe from the 1700s and is made without artificial colors or added sugars. Instead, distillers impregnate the minds of Southeast Alaska herbs, such as wormwood, lemon balm and hyssop anise.

Price : $ 40 for a bottle of 375 ml.

Purchase : The green siren wormwood is available in Alaska at some locations listed below.

Arizona: Salome Arizona Season Wilderness Brewing Co.

As the name suggests, this brewery, which has two locations in the Phoenix metropolitan area, is inspired by the Arizona landscape and incorporates Arizona citrus into its breweries. Salome Season uses lemons grown in Arizona alongside other grains of pink pepper and faro. The result is an aromatic, earthy and slightly tart beer – an ideal refreshment for a warm desert night.

Price : $ 6.50 for a pint.

Purchase : To try this beer, you will need to visit the Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co. brewery in Gilbert or its outdoor cafe in downtown Phoenix.

Arkansas: Muscadine wine from the vineyard Post Familie Vineyards

The Post family has been providing residents of Arkansas with a sweet muscadine wine since the 1800s and is now the largest wine estate in the state. It even offers overnight stays for those who are interested in the Arkansas wine route and sells plenty of fresh grape juice if you are stocking up on knackers.

Price : $ 7.99 for a 750 ml bottle.

Purchase : Vineyards Post Familie Vineyards Muscadine wine is available in some places that you can view here.

California: Drake's Brewing Co.'s Cherry

Located in the east bay of San Francisco, Drake uses old Russian black cherries to produce this punchy sour beer (8.3 percent ABV!), Of American sour beer aged in oak barrels. Almost two pounds of cherries come in every gallon of beer and it contains notes of almond, black fruit and wheat malt.

Price : $ 15.99 for a bottle of 500 ml.

Purchase : Available seasonally at Drake's Brewing establishments in the San Francisco area, as well as in some California bars and stores, such as Hog's Apothecary and BevMo! You will find a complete list of places here.

Colorado: Colorado Spirit Spirit Rising Sun Distillery

This distillery turns fresh Hobbs Family Farm's fresh Mirasol chillies into a slightly spicy liqueur by hand. It's a sweet drink or a great addition to a Margarita.

Price : $ 22.99 for a bottle of 375 ml.

Purchase : Colorado Spirit Colorado Rising Sun Distillery is available in select Colorado locations and can be purchased here.

Connecticut: Birch liquor at the wild moon of the Hartford Flavor Company

The birch sap of New England, which some people believe naturally cleans the body, adds sweet, spicy notes to this liqueur, which also has aromas of racinette and vanilla.

Price : $ 19.99 for a bottle of 375 ml.

Purchase : Wild Birch liqueur can be purchased online here

Delaware: Boot-and-hoof-flavored vodka

Scrapple is a popular Delaware meat, a dividing delicacy. If you really want to make whole pork in Delaware, try this vodka in small quantities that combines the flavors of pork, corn, apples and spices. Sounds strange? Sure. Once again, many people drink bacon washed bourbon.

Price : $ 23.99 for a 750 ml bottle.

Purchase : You can buy online hoof-flavored vodka and sabotage online here.

Florida: Florida Cane Vodka from St. Augustine Distillery

This distillery in the oldest city in America silences its spirits and uses sugar cane grown locally to give it taste. The spirit obtained has notes of green apple, white pepper and molasses.

Price : $ 28.98 for a 750 ml bottle.

Purchase : St. Augustine Distillery's Florida Cane Vodka vodka is currently available for sale in Florida only.

Georgia: Nothing from Creature Comforts Brewing Co.

This Athens-based operation is a fiercely local and venerated brewery at the national level. Exclusively available in the state, it is available in Athens, Atlanta, Columbus and Augusta. Its most popular beer is Tropicália, an IPA named in reference to a Brazilian artistic movement.

Price : Starting at $ 10.49 for a pack of 6 Tropicália tablets.

Purchase : Creature Comforts beers are available in select bars and retail stores.

Hawaii: Infusion of tea in volcano brewing wine

Where there is a volcano, there is good soil and this vineyard located on the Big Island benefits from all that Hawaii's tropical climate offers. The Infusion blend from the winery incorporates local ingredients such as black tea and macadamia nut honey, giving the impression of drinking sweet and sweet tea that contains alcohol.

Price : $ 36 for a bottle of 375 ml.

Purchase : Tea Wine Infusion of Volcano Vineyard, is available for purchase in some states here

Idaho: Grand Teton Huckleberry vodka

Blueberries, a candy from Idaho that are similar to very acidic blueberries, can only be harvested from August to September and tend to grow in limited quantities. Grand Teton infuses this vodka with freshly picked blueberries for 12 weeks, giving the mind a perfect balance between sweetness and sour.

Price : $ 15.99 for a bottle of 375 ml.

Purchase : Grand Teton Huckleberry vodka can be purchased here.

Illinois: Quincy Street Distillery: Prairie Sunshine

Quincy Street uses honey from northeastern Illinois gold yards to make this unusual spirit distilled from mead, the old honey wine. The spirit is fermented before being distilled and finally looks like rum – but with a distinct honeyed finish.

Price : $ 54.99 for a 750 ml bottle.

Purchase : The Quincy Street Prairie Sunshine Distillery is available in select locations and can be purchased online here.

Indiana: Sweet corn bourbon from the old distillery 55

Sweet and fresh corn from the farm is harvested, hand cut and distilled in this 100% bourbon manufactured by the State of Hoosier. Sweet corn gives bourbon a sweeter and sweeter taste with notes of caramel and banana, as opposed to the spice of a rye bourbon or whitened wheat.

Price : $ 139.00 for a 750 ml bottle.

Purchase : The old 55 distillery is available in some places and can be purchased online here.

Iowa: Iowish cream liqueur from the Mississippi River Distilling Company

This glass-cereal distillery derives its products from the state, including corn, coffee and cream used for this glass after dinner.

Price : $ 21.99 for a 750 ml bottle.

Purchase : You can buy online Iowish Cream Liquor from the Mississippi River Distilling Company


Kansas: Till Wheat vodka

Cereals are an important part of the craft beer scene in Kansas. This distillery uses local wheat to create its vodka, which gives it a smooth and creamy finish.

Price : $ 29.99 for a bottle of 750 ml.

Purchase : Till Wheat vodka is available for purchase online in some areas that you can view here.

Kentucky: Kentucky Bourbon Ale

The Lexington Brewing and Distilling Company celebrates bourbon heritage in Kentucky with a range of bourbon cask aged beers. Its flagship beer, Kentucky Ale, sits in charred bourbon casks for at least six weeks, imparting aromas of vanilla and oak.

Price : $ 12.99 for a package of 12 ounces.

Purchase : Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale is available for sale in select locations and online here.

Louisiana: Spicy Bayou Rum

This spicy rum incorporates local sugar cane and molasses and can be preserved for up to 30 days with Creole cooking spices. Do you prefer to eat your sugar and spices? The distiller has teamed up with local chef John Folse to create a special rum cake recipe.

Price : $ 23.99 for a 750 ml bottle.

Purchase : Spicy Bayou Rum can be purchased online here.

Maine: Dell'Aragosta Season of the Oxbow Brewing Co.

Beer and lobster are a classic summer accord in Maine. Newcastle's renowned brewer, Oxbow, has decided to go even further by brewing this crispy beer to the gose with fresh local lobster. "Lobster brings a little sweetness to the right balance," said Oxbow Chief Brewer Tim Adams at the Boston Globe. "But when you drink a glass of this beer, you never say," Oh my God, it tastes like lobster. "It's really more of an information note, which is probably a good thing."

Price : $ 13.35 for a bottle of 500 ml.

Purchase : You can purchase the Dell'Aragosta Season of Oxford Brewing Co. at select bars and retailers in the New England area, including Gordon's Wine.

Maryland: The Flying Dog's Old Rise Summer Beer

This Frederick-based brewery combines the seasoning of the state's beloved Old Bay Crab with its citrus-flavored hoppy beer, making it the ultimate drink from Chesapeake Bay.

Price : $ 10.99 for a package of 12 ounces.

Purchase : Flying Dog's Old Rise Summer Beer is available in season and can be purchased online here.

Massachusetts: Mystic Brewery Table Beer

The mystical brasserie Bryan Greenhagen, located in the suburbs of Boston, is one of the modern Sam Adams. She specializes in on-farm seasons, such as Table Beer, which uses local yeast strains and local ingredients. It also produces seasonal breweries such as Three Cranes, a Cape Cod cranberry beer.

Price : $ 12 for 4 packs of 16 ounce cans.

Purchase : The beers of the Mystic Brewery are available in his shop and in some places in New England.

Michigan: Traverse City Whiskey Co. Top Quality Cocktail Cherries

Traverse City is the cherry capital of the United States. This local distillery uses fruit grown on its family farm to bottle these quality cocktail fillings.

Price : $ 19.95 for a 16 ounce jar

Purchase : Available for purchase online.

Minnesota: Great Northern Spirits Roknar Rye Whiskey

Resistant and resistant, rye is the ideal grain for the cold winters of Minnesota. Far North Spirits harvests winter rye on his own estate for Roknar, which gives the spiritual notes of star anise, cinnamon and even tender pretzels.

Price : Prices start at $ 39.99 for a 750 ml bottle and vary depending on the state in which you buy them; The 375 ml bottles start at $ 25 and are available only at the tasting room of the distillery.

Purchase : The Far North Spirits, Roknar, are available at selected locations throughout the country and can be purchased online.

Mississippi: Cathod Pecan vodka

The abundance of Mississippi pecans is prominently featured in this Cathead Distillery vodka. The first distillery of the state since Prohibition, this small producer macerates roasted pecans and uses a stainless steel aging process to give his vodka a sweet and nutty finish.

Price : $ 21.99 for a 750 ml bottle.

Purchase : Cathead Pecan vodka can be purchased online.

Missouri: Cordial in Persimmon of Spirits Wood Hat

The only distillery in the United States to use a wood-fired still, Wood Hat Spirits, contains a variety of local fruits and nuts in its products. This khaki cordial enhances the sweetness of the fruit and balance with spices such as cinnamon and cardamom.

Price : $ 29.99 for a bottle of 375 ml.

Purchase : Wood Hat Spirits Black Walnut Liquor is available in Missouri stores and for sale in select online locations.

Montana: Huckleberry Gin Distilling Glacier

Located just outside of Glacier National Park, this distillery has a local bounty in a variety of spirits. This gin is infused with local spruce stems and wild blueberries that balance the plants beautifully indoors.

Price : $ 27 for a bottle of 375 ml.

Purchase : The Glacier Distilling Ice Cream Huckleberry Gin is only available for sale in its tasting room.

Nebraska: lazy right whiskey at the RW border

Held by a father-and-son team, this small-scale distillery uses Nebraska's most famous corn, as well as a secret family recipe from the Prohibition era for making pure corn whiskey.

Price : Starting from $ 26.99 for a 750 ml bottle.

Purchase : The RW Frontier Straight Lazy Whiskey is currently available at the distillery and in parts of Nebraska.

Nevada: Whiskey at the Old Seven Troughs Police Station

This distillery uses mid-nineteenth-century fermentation and distillation processes to hand-fill spirits in Mason jars. He buys all the barley for his old Whiskey Commissioner from the state.

Price : $ 29.99 for a bottle of 750 ml.

Purchase : You can buy online Seven Troughs Old Commissary Whiskey.

New Hampshire: Flag Hill Sugar Maple Liqueur

Ben's maple syrup, produced locally, imparts a rich texture and sweet aftertaste to this distilled spirit from apples grown at Apple Hill Farm in Concord, N.H.

Price : $ 18.99 for a 375 ml bottle; $ 26.99 for a 750 ml bottle

Purchase : Flag Hill Maple Syrup can be purchased online or at select liquor stores in New Hampshire.

New Jersey: brewery brewing red fruit brewery

Blueberries are widespread in the state of Garden. This local brewery combines them with local honey to create a fresh and fruity infusion. (Flying Fish also made a beer inspired by the government's beloved ham, egg and cheese sandwich, although none of these ingredients were used in the coffee industry.)

Price : $ 12.99 for a pack of 4 bottles of 12 ounces.

Purchase : You can buy Flying Fish Brewery beers online.

New Mexico: liquor Atapiño Spirits Santa Fe Spirits

Piñon nuts from the Santa Fe National Forest are stuffed, roasted and infused in this white malt whiskey. The distillers then sweeten it with pine sap sap and sugar and age in cask. The spirit got a kick of nuts and pine.

Price : $ 30 for a bottle of 375 ml.

Purchase : Atapiño Liquor is currently available for sale only in the Santa Fe Spirits Tasting Room.

New York: Irons Applejack

Applejack is one of the oldest American spirits and, in New York, Barking Irons uses cider from local apple varieties such as Jonah Gold, Macoun and Gala. After distillation, 100 proof alcohol is aged in oak barrels.

Price : $ 40 for a 750 ml bottle.

Purchase : You can buy the Apple Barack Irons Irons online.

North Carolina: American sake of Ben

Sake making is a new addition to North Carolina, but the mountains outside Asheville have long been a source of pristine water. Ben's American sake cultivates its own koji internally, adding aromas and aromas such as fruits, flowers and nuts.

Price : $ 10 for a 12-ounce can

Purchase : Ben's American sake is currently available for purchase only in his beer and sake garden in Asheville.

North Dakota: Prairie Meadery Rose Mead

North Dakota has been the largest honey producer in the United States for over a decade. Getting a bottle of mead is a great way to greet the state. Prairie Rose prepares a variety of mead and gets most of its ingredients from neighboring farms.

Price : $ 20 for a 750 ml bottle.

Purchase : Prairie Rose Mead can be purchased online.

Ohio: Tom's Foolery ODV Gin

Apples are found in many places, but brandy gin is considerably rarer. Tom's Foolery, distillery in small quantities, adds juniper berries, coriander and cinnamon to the brandy that she distills from her apple cider, producing a tasty but balanced gin.

Price : $ 26.95 for a 750 ml bottle.

Purchase : The Tom's Foolery ODV glove is available at the distillery's bottle store and in parts of Ohio.

Oklahoma: Obahoshe rum of the spirits of the prairie wolves

Known by the Oklahomans as "inner-style rum," Prairie Wolf Spirits recently published its Obahoshe spirit, which contains sorghum grown by the Seminole nation of Oklahoma.

Price : $ 26.99 for a 750 ml bottle.

Purchase : Prairie Wolf Spirits Obahoshe Rum is currently available for purchase in select Oklahoma locations including Byron's, Grand Cru and Freeman's.

Oregon: Marionberry Spirits Wild Root Vodka

Wild Root Spirits offers a selection of infused vodkas, one of which uses Oregon amandinite. The bay, which grows only in Oregon, was developed by the USDA's Agricultural Research Service in cooperation with Oregon State University. It is a hybrid of blackberries that offers more intense acidity.

Price : $ 26.99 for a 750 ml bottle.

Purchase : Marionberry Wild Roots Spirits Vodka is available for purchase here.

Pennsylvania: Wigle's Pittsburgh Harvest Whiskey

Pennsylvania is one of the country's leading pumpkin producers. Pittsburgh's artisanal distillery, Wigle, in collaboration with Rivertowne Brewing Co., distills a pumpkin beer in its copper still and ages it in its casks for just under three years. The end result is a whiskey rich in notes of cinnamon and pumpkin spice.

Price : $ 34 for a bottle of 375 ml.

Purchase : The Wisconsin Pittsburgh Harvest Whiskey can be purchased online.

Rhode Island: Thomas Tew rum from Newport Craft Brewing & Distilling

Rhode Island was once the world's rum capital and Thomas Tew was its most popular pirate. Tew found the end at sea, but his spirit continues to live in this rum distilled copper containing molasses, yeast and water. The rum is aged in an oak barrel that previously stored bourbon for three to six years and is packaged with a wax seal.

Price : $ 32.99 for a 750 ml bottle.

Purchase : You can buy Thomas Tew rum here.

South Carolina: Distillation of high wire in the south of Amaro

Who said that amaro should be made in Italy? Charleston black tea, tangerine and mint come together in this digestive that is proudly the Low Country.

Price : $ 14 for a bottle of 200 ml.

Purchase : The Southern Amaro distilling in high wire can be purchased online.

South Dakota: Chokecherry Wine Cheer from Prairie Berry Winery

Although Virginia cherries are extremely tart, they are mild when they are tasted as wine and leave a lasting impression in the mouth. This fruit wine is ideal for winter vacations, and Prairie Berry Winery also makes a home-made spice if the taste of Virginia cherries is not enough to excite your palate.

Price : $ 15.50 for a 750 ml bottle.

Purchase : Chokecherry Cheer from Prairie Berry Winery can be purchased online.

Tennessee: A Tennessee Blackberry Farm With Smoke

Blackberry Farm, one of the most popular accommodation destinations in the United States, is home to a craft brewery showcasing local ingredients. This beer, in collaboration with Evil Twin Brewing, has been offering smoked hops for a week, resulting in a bacon-smelling beer – in the best possible way.

Price : $ 19.99 for a bottle of 25 ounces; $ 25.99 for a 750 ml bottle.

Purchase : A list of places offering products from Blackberry Farm is available here.

Texas: BLK EYE vodka from Black Eyed Distilling Co.

This Texas distillery uses non-GMO black eye corn and peas for the production of its vodka. The result is a neutral flavor, ideal for cocktails or mixed drinks.

Price : $ 28.41 for a 750 ml bottle.

Purchase : BLK EYE Vodka from Black Eyed Distilling Co. is available for sale in select online stores.

Utah: Western Whiskey Silver Oatmeal at Western High Distillery Whiskey

The Utah High West Distillery uses oats to make this unusual whiskey. By leaving the oat-based spirit in the barrel for a little over five minutes, it develops a silvery color and a smooth taste, without the typical bite of white whiskey.

Price : $ 36.99 for a 750 ml bottle.

Purchase : Western Whiskey Silver High Distillery is available in some locations and can be purchased online.

Vermont: Maple Doppelbock Maple Magic Hat

The Magic Hat German style doppelbock is the ideal vehicle for Vermont maple syrup. In addition to the sweet maple, the beer has notes of biscuits, toast and caramel, making it an excellent beer prepared for breakfast.

Price : $ 12.99 the pack of 4

Purchase : The Magic Hat Maple Doppelbock is a seasonal item available for sale at select retail outlets in New England and New York.

Virginia: Single Malt from the Copper-Fishery Distillery

Virginia has one of the longest history of alcohol production in the country. Copper Fox Distillery smokes peach wood to flavor its malted barley, whose ingredients are sourced from the state and malted on site. The result? A sweet and smoky whiskey sipping a whiskey.

Price : $ 53.99 for a 750 ml bottle.

Purchase : The single malt of the copper-peach distillery is available for sale in some locations.

Washington: Mint liqueur with the unique note of BroVo

Washington State is the largest producer of spearmint in the United States and this seasonal spirit is like a breath of fresh air. BroVo is sourcing spearmint from a farm in the Bellingham area, giving the neutral grain spirit a powerful and fresh finish.

Price : $ 11.99 for a bottle of 200 ml.

Purchase : BroVo's Single Note Spearmint Liqueur is available for purchase here.

West Virginia: Appalachian Distillery Paw Paw Moonshine

A fruit that some say has the taste of a banana cross with a mango, confers on this 90-degree West Virginia momentum a pleasantly tropical flavor.

Price : $ 19.99 for a 750 ml bottle.

Purchase : You can buy online here Paw Paw Moonshine from the Appalachian Distillery

Wisconsin: Schnapps Preiselbeere (Cranberry Brandy) from Yahara Bay

Les canneberges sont l’un des rares fruits qui résistent au froid du Wisconsin et confèrent à cet esprit un terreux acidulé et une finale durable.

Prix : 20 $ pour une bouteille de 375 ml.

Achat : Le brandy à la canneberge de la baie de Yahara est disponible dans certains endroits.

Wyoming: liqueur aux herbes de la distillerie Koltiska

Cinq générations d'une famille du Wyoming utilisent leur recette secrète pour confectionner cette liqueur à base de plantes à base d'alcool de grain. L’esprit doux, de couleur ambre, est vendu dans des versions à 60 et 90 épreuves et porte l’appellation affectueuse de «KO». Prenez-le comme un coup si vous voulez boire comme un vrai cow-boy du Wyoming.

Prix : 13,49 $ pour une bouteille de 375 ml.

Achat : Des liqueurs aux herbes de la distillerie de Koltiska peuvent être achetées dans certains endroits.

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