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Disney debuts in an icy cocktail party at Epcot

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Ice lollypops are now available in the Epcot pavilion in Italy, the Disney Food blog announced.

Fruit-based ice-cream lollipops made from fruit and wine by Florida's Pop's Fusion are available in the three-flavored Via Napoli drink and snack basket: sparkling strawberry, berry sangria and Limoncello. The latter is available exclusively in Via Napoli.

Although Disney calls them cocksicles for cocktails, Pop Fusions calls them "gourmet wines". According to the website, these soft drinks are made from local fruit and wines from Flordia's Island Grove Wine Company. Soft drinks are also free of gluten, dairy products, nuts and soy.

"Alcohol and lollipops yes, please [sic]," said Brittany, who plans a visit to Disney in September, about the Disney Food blog last week.

Ashley, another stakeholder, says that her family owns Pop Mergers and that they are "disproportionate" to see their pops at Epcot.

This announcement follows a host of other icy news: Claffey's iced cocktails are now available at Costco and POPS has announced Gordon's Gin & Lime ice cream lollies this spring.

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