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Drink to Win: 6 Boozy Successful Gadgets Presented in 'Shark Tank & # 39;

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In April 2019, a university-run society hit the headlines after its founders, Natural Light Binking, reached an agreement on ABC, the "Shark Tank." "Their invention? A cooler that holds 24 bottles and stays cold without ice.

"Shark Tank" manipulated several products adjacent to alcoholic beverages, from decommissioned ammo bottle opener to portable wine glasses suitable for picnics.

Here are six beer, wine and cocktail gadgets that have been successful after swimming with the Sharks.

Bottle Breacher

Source: Bottle Breacher / facebook.com

Founded by former Navy SEAL Eli Crane and his wife Jen, and made up of active and veteran members, this friendly brand opens bottles from .50 caliber bullets. . Mark Cuban and Kevin O'Leary signed a $ 150,000 contract in exchange for a 20% stake in the company in 2014. Sales then reached $ 15 million. Price: $ 12.99 – $ 57.99


Credit: BottleKeeper / facebook.com

BottleKeeper CEO Adam Callinan noted a $ 1 million investment from Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner in 2018. (Apparently, BottleKeeper's slogan was Convincing: "Beer is better, that's science." A thermos-like bottle lid slips on beers to keep them cool and sheltered from bursts. </ p> <p> BottleKeeper has recently launched new ones. Spring colors include Seafoam, Coral, Caribbean Blue and Lime Green Price: $ 35

Copa Di Vino

Credit: Copa Di Vino / copadivino.com

The famous Copa Di Vino failed to win the Sharks' favor – twice – but that did not stop it from becoming a successful business. Before appearing on the show in 2011, the wine glasses in a portion of the founder James Martin had totaled $ 500,000 in sales. After appearing on the show, sales rose to $ 5 million. This unprecedented success has allowed Copa Di Vino to have a second chance in the show in 2017. Martin has still not signed a contract with the Sharks, but Copa Di Vino has sold 37 million goblets in 2017. Price: Variable.


Source: Goverre / goverre.com

Shannon Zappala and Regan Kelaher, two large business groups from Southern California, have launched Goverre, a wine glass with a "through lid" (also called adult cup) and a silicone sheath for better grip and reduced breakability. 2017. A few months later, they landed a place on "Shark Tank" and accepted an offer from Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner and Robert Herjavec. Price: $ 24.

Ice machine

Credit: Ice Shaker / iceshaker.com

Cofounders and brothers Chris, Rob, Gordie, Dan and Glenn Gronkowski originally marketed Ice Shaker as a vacuum-sealed protein shaker with a button for optimal training. (Two of the brothers, Chris and Rob, are former NFL players.) The five Sharks have made offers. The Gronkowskis negotiated a $ 150,000 deal with Mark Cuban and Alex Rodriguez for a 15% stake in the company, valuing Ice Shaker at $ 1 million.

The Ice Shaker offer now includes a cup, a cup of cocktail and a cup of wine, the top sellers. The company's blog even offers champagne cocktail recipes for its stemless shaker, such as Mo√ęt Melon on the Rocks. Fancy. Price: $ 18.50 – $ 44.99

Kanga Kase Mate

Credit: Kanga / buykanga.com

Brand-loyal subcontractors can keep a cool beer package with Kanga Kase Mate, an ice-free cooler designed to cover and keep the cold out of a pack 24 beers. The company says this facility weighs 45 pounds less than a typical cooler situation. We could also add that it is also more elegant and durable. Price: $ 29.95

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