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Gronk Celebrates Super Bowl with $ 500 Wine and Fan Beer

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An estimated 1.5 million Bostonians came out to celebrate the Super Bowl victory at the Patriots parade yesterday. Those who managed to get close enough to the Boylston Street parade witnessed a very familiar sight: Rob Gronkowski, a topless, swallowing large amounts of alcohol at the top of one. duck duck.

The tight party of the Patriots started the party early in the morning of February, with a $ 500 bottle of wine. According to the Boston Globe, Gronk's glass was a premium bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon Hundred Acre of 2014


Gronk and his very casual bottle of wine for breakfast pic.twitter.com/zFZActLDDm

– Barstool Sports (@barstoolsports), February 5, 2019

Based in Napa Valley & # 39; s St Helena Subregion, Cent Acre wines are selling for hundreds of dollars and Wine-Searcher lists this publication at an average retail price of $ 495.

Gronkowski opts for a refined wine rather than for a cheap beer. The six-foot-six-high tight end steered Stone Stone's Stone Stone inward to celebrate the Super Bowl Patriots' win in 2017, beating Bud Light topless twice at once.

However, it was not long before normal service resumed, and Gronk returned to doing what he did best. By noon, he had taken off his Patriots fleece jacket, tore off his t-shirt, and started grabbing the beers of the crowd (very cleanly, we could add) before slapping them.

GRONK CHUG BEER.pic.twitter.com/8iA8doDpMD

– Barstool Sports (@barstoolsports) February 5, 2019 [194592]] The sight of beer splashing Gronk's naked torso is well known to Bostonians – The Patriots have won three of the last five Super Bowl, and it's apparently as well as it's celebrating this celebration – but it may be the last time they're showing it. Rumors that Gronk should retire are commonplace. One can only imagine what kind of retirement it would take place.

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