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Namaste, Jerks: The New & # 39; Rage Yoga & # 39; Combines Beer and the Cursed

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"We are all angry at something and we all hang on to the F-bombshell, Ashley Duzich," Rage Yoga Instructor "at the Brash Brewing Company in Houston, Texas,

Just like the traditional form of the discipline, Rage Yoga combines breathing, stretching and holding different postures. But the angry fallout reinforces the attitude, encouraging participants to "shout" and let their inner rage go between two frozen beer breaks.

"This allows you to have a safe space to let your anger, frustration and rage go in a healthy way," Duzich told CBS DFW.

Rabies yoga is probably not for everyone, says Duzich, nor does it recommend bringing your kids into delirious classes. But that does not mean that there are no light moments. "One of the funniest things I've ever heard is," I said to do the dishes! ", She says. (Relatable.)

Houston-based Duzich is one of three certified instructors currently leading Rage Yoga classes. The rest are in Calgary and Edmonton, Canada.

At the Brash Brewing Company, the alternative form of yoga seems to have found its spiritual home. Not only does the Houston brewer have a bold name, but his previous beer releases included labels such as "Deadhorse Scottish Hell", a Scotch Ale; "Hammer Smashed Face", a Russian imperial stout; and "Vulgar display of power," also a Russian imperial stout. The stated purpose of Rage Yoga is to become "zen as f * ck" by "giving zero", which appears to be future collabs awaiting arrival.

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